Case Studies

Protects against spam computer viruses and Internet attacks

Value-Added Reseller Adds Email Filtering in the Cloud

The tech landscape is changing.  More and more applications are migrating to the cloud.  It is getting harder and harder […]

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Mailspect Defense anti-spam and antivirus for email gateways and servers


UNIPEG Soc.Coop.Agricola is the leading beef and veal cooperative in Italy. The cooperative was founded in 2004, by two leading […]

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High Availability Groupware Cluster

Reliable Collaboration and E-Mail Solution Implemented at German Food Services Company, Hofmann Menu-Manufaktur GmbH Hofmann Menu-Manufaktur GmbH’s 1,200 employees prepare […]

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Red Hat, Zarafa and Mailspect Work Together For German Medical Laboratory

The medical supply center “Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum Dr. Eberhard & Partner, Dortmund” (“MVZ Dortmund”) serves the health care network near the […]

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Mailspect Defense Standard Edition Updated With New Cloudmark Authority Cartridge

Mailspect Defense is an email security platform that manages multi-layered email defenses.  The Standard Edition of Mailspect Defense includes the […]

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New Mailspect Defense Data Sheet – Perfect for ISP’s and Large Organizations

Mailspect Defense protects email gateways and servers from spam, viruses, phishing, fraud and Internet attacks. It is a best-of-breed Control […]

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Mailspect as a Service – Localization

Mailspect Offers Translation and Rebranding Features to Local ISP’s Mailspect Defense is a multilayered suite of email security resources, including […]

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Antivirus and Antispam Integration with Postfix

Another Customer Has Selected Mailspect Defense for its Integration with Postfix Mailspect Defense is a multilayered suite of email security […]

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