Complex Email Routing Implemented for German Municipal Utility

A German municipal utility, which was already using Mailspect Basic for email defense, added complex email routing to its solution for no additional license fee. The email routing extension was implemented in less than one week by a team consisting of the client’s local systems integrator and Mailspect Professional Services.

The email routing specification involves looking at a subset of the domain’s email recipients for incoming emails with attached invoices. Messages with invoices are segregated and then passed through a content filter to find key descriptors in the message body. Based on a descriptor match or not, emails are then routed to the right recipient.

The workflow will greatly improve the municipal utility’s processing of incoming invoices and has a payback of less than one month, based on labor savings. Plus the accuracy and speed of invoice processing increased.

The solution was made possible by Mailspect’s proprietary Email Stream Management integration technology. ESM uses a number of fixed and flexible processing engines to filter email and attachments for content and then forward the matched email to a designated recipient email address or relational database such as MySQL. Email Stream Management is the technology underlying Match My Email, a cloud service that automatically sorts and syncs email into the right record(s).

For more information on Email Stream Management which is built into Mailspect Basic and Standard, visit Mailspect’s wiki at: . Email Stream Management can also be used to implement outbound Data Loss Protection projects.


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