Customer Service Firm Uses Mailspect Contextual Email Routing to Improve Customer Responses

This customer service firm is dedicated to providing customized user experiences for their clients. They use Mailspect’s ESM technology for contextual email processing to ensure that customers are matched with right service professionals. Mailspect has the unique ability to route email based on email content and by routing emails based on contextual analysis they are able to match customers with service reps far better than with general support mailboxes that are queued based on the address the customer sent email to. This customer is excited about our new ability to extract words and phrases from emails and compare with a vast database of contextual tools that they regularly use for other applications. Mailspect can use content from email in web services queries and then make routing decisions based on the responses from the web services app.

ESM provides contextual email processing never before found in off-the-shelf products. The abilities of ESM can only be rivaled with vast amounts of custom programming that is expensive to maintain and support and often times considerably lags in performance over Mailspect.


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