DemVal Inc. – Centralized Email Security for 100% Apple Environment

Defense Engineering and Environmental Compliance

Bruce Bodger is responsible for email security and data loss protection at DemVal Inc., a defense engineering and environmental compliance consulting firm in Oklahoma.  Bruce was charged with selecting an email defense system that would centralize email security so that DemVal could comply with Department of Defense regulations such as ‘International Traffic in Arms Regulations’ or ITAR.  In addition, DemVal must assure its clients that their intellectual property is secure and protected.  As a 100% Apple shop, Bruce had to find a world class email defense solution in a market niche that is underserved by the mass market vendors who focus on Windows.

Bruce selected Mailspect Defense because its Apple OS version consolidates the management of anti-virus and anti-spam engines in one convenient control panel.   In addition, real-time black lists, user-generated white and black lists, spam quarantine policies, inbound and outbound content filters, email disclaimers, NDR spammer and backscatter settings are controlled from the same console.   For a security administrator, Mailspect Defense offers the advantage of automatic updating of all dynamic elements of the infrastructure – real-time black lists, virus signatures, and spam fingerprints.  Mailspect’s robust reporting and logging tools enabled DemVal to address customer requirements regarding email tracking and data loss protection.

Bruce’s Mailspect Defense solution for Apple OS X has been running for 7 years.  He selected two Open Source packages as his server-side / network email infrastructure:  Postfix as the Mail Transfer Agent and Dovecot as the secured IMAP and POP3 mail server.  Mailspect is particularly well-architected to manage Postfix implementations and integrates seamlessly with Postfix policy groups; this is particularly important for data loss protection.  At the email client level, DemVal’s employees use both Thunderbird and Apple Mail.  Bruce selected a multi-layer anti-virus and spam configuration.  He uses Open Source Clamd for virus protection and both Open Source Spamassassin and commercial Mailshell for spam.

“Mailspect delivers a centralized email security solution that manages both Open Source and commercial components through one convenient control panel.  It allows us to save money by using Open Source wherever possible, and provides us the flexibility to implement a commercial solution for spam because some Open Source spam detection software lacks important functionality.  Mailspect’s email tracking,  logging, and archiving tools have helped us win contracts because we can prove that email communications, as well as other user accessible functions, are secure and confidential information is only being accessed by authorized personnel.  We have worked closely with Mailspect support and development over the years.  They are real experts in email security and are always open to delivering new features so that our business remains competitive with evolving data security regulations.” said Bruce Bodger, President.


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