European University Picks Mailspect for ‘Corner Cases’

A prominent university in Europe picked Mailspect to filter email for over 20,000 students and faculty. They had been using AmavisD on Postfix but the solution was time consuming and performing poorly. After evaluating a number of solutions, they decided on Mailspect because it not only delivered excellent antispam protection but it has the flexibility to deal with the ‘corner cases’ that are a constant source of irritation for administrators.

For example, even though they use a high-quality commerical antispam engine, there are certain emails that can never be marked as spam. Since the emails come from many sources conventional whitelisting can not be effective. Mailspect custom spam scoring allowed them to whitelist email based on content and avoid rejections based on a single RBL list. For this customer it was important to find an IP address on two reputation lists before making a rejection decision – Mailspect custom spam scoring provided this.

In terms of cost savings, they were able to reduce from 4 to 2 servers because Mailspect is more efficient than AmavisD, and one server was only for redundancy. Additionally they have ended the constant babysitting of SpamAssassin rules. By using Mailspect Standard with Cloudmark and F-PROT, they were able to end daily rules maintenance issues and scoring adjustments in AmavisD.  Return on investment of less than six months!


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