Graphic Design Firm Ends Large Attachments

One Mailspect customer is a graphic design firm in the Northeast that regularly sends large attachments back and forth to customers. They use Mailspect to simplify this process with our attachment stripping services. They had tried things like yousendit or more expensive systems but since Mailspect can operate on their Mac OS X email server, none offered the seamless functionality of Mailspect. With Mmailspect emails are sent as normal and Mailspect will strip selected attachments and replace with a link to the file accessible by Mailspect’s embedded web server.

The customer’s return on investment came in two forms:  the attachment stripping didn’t involve any extra steps on the part of end user, it was seamless integrated and automatic, so designers could focus on their work, not making sure that the attachments were properly ‘workflowed’ and by storing a single instance of the attachment, storage space was reduced by more than 80%, delaying hardware purchases and reducing data center energy and cooling costs.


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