ISP Uses Mailspect Defense for Fully Automatic E-Mail Filtering Service

Yellow Cube of Budapest, Hungary offers email filtering services to customers with between 1-25 seats who don’t have their own mail server.  According to Akos Bodis, the President of Yellow Cube,  “Our customers want a ‘set and forget’ mail filter.  We set them up online and they don’t have to deal with spam or viruses again.  Initially, we thought that they would log into Mailspect’s excellent quarantine solution, but the systems works so well our customers seem to forget that it is there.”    With this fully automatic approach, Yellow Cube’s email filtering service has been growing at 100% per year with 0% downtime since 2007.

According to Mr. Bodis, “Mailspect Defense is ideal for small Internet Service Providers who want to provide value-added services to their customers.  Mailpect enables Yellow Cube to offer world class antivirus and antispam protection based on a powerful combination of Mailspect’s email firewall, Cloudmark, Clamd, SURBL, and other Real-Time Black Lists.  Using Mailspect’s flexible policy engine, the filtering service is tailored to each client’s individual requirements.  Thanks to Mailspect’s flexibility in integrating with different databases and back-end systems, almost everything is automated now and setting up a new client requires just a few clicks.  By hosting the virtual Mailspect filtering appliance in a rented cluster, we never face unexpected costs or downtime, and the whole system can scale up to thousands of accounts without any modification.”

“Mailspect offers special pricing to ISP’s and web site hosting providers who sell email services.  Our pricing is designed to ensure that small Internet Service Providers can effectively compete against the industry giants with local support and a fully customizable experience.”, said Paul Sterne, President of RAE Internet Inc. (dba Mailspect and Match My Email).

“ We are able to localize the web interface and create custom, per-user rules and filters that really work in the marketplace.  It is a really great ‘set and forget’ solution.  Plus we can rely on Mailspect’s real-time support to help us get the most out of the platform.  They treat us like we are their most important partner.”


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