US Regional Broadband SP Uses Mailspect Defense for Outbound Spam Detection

This regional broadband provider had many problems with outbound spamming. As a result, they were ending up on blacklists and their customers legitimate email was being blocked. They evaluated many solutions for outbound spam detection and settled on Mailspect, because of our unique ‘thresholds’ and auto-block lists.

The goal for this provider was to detect senders that sending email at high rates and temporarily block them and report their IP’s to the NOC for investigation. This was achieved by using Mailspect thresholds to find senders that send 10 spam out of 10 messages in 1 minute or find senders that are sending more than 20 messages a minute, clean or spam. Now when a sender on their network violates these policies their IP is automatically entered into a MySQL database. Once in the database, other NOC systems take over and the IP is quickly investigated. Since Mailspect works directly on the MTA, it can very efficiently block outbound senders without having to change outgoing delivery patterns.

ROI was immediate. Each hijacked email account caused their email servers to be blacklisted, which resulted in heavy volume of support calls, if, for example aol mail was blocked.  In the first week of operation, the customer was able to identify and shut down a hijacked account which would have caused their IP address to be blocked.  They remedied the situation before the server’s IP address was blacklisted.  This saved them dozens, if not hundreds, of customer service calls that cost, on average, $9 per call.


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