Email Defense – Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Data Loss Production, Offensive Word Blocking, ISP User Provisioning

Mailspect Defense protects email gateways and servers from spam, viruses, phishing, fraud and Internet attacks. It is a best-of-breed control panel used by email administrators to configure, monitor and update a multi-layered suite of defenses. Mailspect Defense protects your organization from the ever-evolving threats on the Internet at the pre-scan, scan and post-scan phases of email processing. Using a high-speed, scalable mail filter and a state-of-the-art quarantine solution, Mailspect Defense offers email security for businesses, governments, schools and Internet Service Providers.  Mailspect is fast, customizable and reskinnable and used by ISP’s to protect and manage large numbers of users.

Mailspect Defense can manage, maintain, update and perform more than 200+ email security functions from one central point.  Highlights include:


Manage multiple scanning engines at once    Antivirus: Clamd , Cloudmark
Antispam: Cloudmark, Mailshell (OSX) & Spamassassin
SURBL Reputation Engine
Connect to external resources Real-time black list: Spamhaus,
Sender Policy Framework
Manage policy groups      Integrate with Active Directory or LDAP
Blocking and permissioning User and/or domain Access Control Lists
User- or admin-generated White and Black lists
Block inbound or outbound emails using Offensive Word Lists or file extension filters for Data Loss Protection
Set limiting thresholds based on frequency, IP address and content
Quarantine Integrated quarantine solution access via browser
End-user email digests and RSS feeds
End-user login with email address and regular password
Automated Updates Built-in scanning engines are automatically updating
Mailspect packages updates via Linux OS package manager (YUM/APT)
Monitoring and reports Reports showing system performance
Logs and messaging tracking
Automatic email alerts of system failures

Mailspect Defense works at three message processing phases:  pre-scan, scan and post-scan.  The following table shows at which phase a ‘function point’ is performed.




Real-Time IP/DNS Blacklists Anti-Virus Scanning Engine Quarantine Solution with Legal Discovery
Rate Limiting Against Thresholds,  IP Blacklists and Content Matches Anti-Spam Scanning Engine End-User Quarantine Email Alerts
Integrated Reputation Lists SURBL Scanner End-User Quarantine RSS Feeds
LDAP-Generated and Manual Access Lists Content Filters Automatic Whitelists
Dictionary Attack Prevention Custom Spam Scoring Message Tracking
Spamtraps NDR Spammers Logs
Sender Verification Using Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Offensive Word Lists Statistical Reports
Whitelisting Authenticated Senders Auto Response Spammers LDAP, Active Directory, and Oauth Authentication and Access Lists
User-Generated Blacklists Backscatter Block attachment types
User-Generated Whitelists Rules-Based  Processing Disclaimers
Policy Groups  Policy Groups  Policy Groups

At Mailspect’s core is a policy group engine that lets systems administrators set up policies defining how each feature above will apply to a specific group of users.  The policy group engine can define a suite of scanning engines, reputation lists, content filters, thresholds and attachment filters by email direction –incoming or outgoing emails — for groups of users as small as one email address or as large as an enterprise LDAP or Active Directory.

For the end-user, Mailspect Defense provides an easy-to-access and use quarantine solution that is accessible via browser or email alert. End-users can Remove, Deliver, Forward, Reply, Save to Desktop, Export, Report False Positive, Print, or Add to Whitelist or Blacklist with one mouse click.

The Mailspect API is used to seamlessly integrate the Defense and Archive applications with commercial and custom control panels.  For ISP’s with homegrown user provisioning and administration solutions, the Mailspect API offers the ability to provision users and domains with a single click.

Mailspect Defense includes a proprietary integration technology called email stream management. It supports the integration of relational databases, HTTP services, and LDAP directories for the purpose of email scoring, routing, tracking and content /attachment stripping or adding — and any combination thereof.

Mailspect Defense is offered in Basic and Standard Versions

          •  Basic relies on the Open Source scanning engines, clamd and Spamassassin.
          •  Standard includes Cloudmark.  Mailshell is provided for Mac OS X.

Mailspect Defense is offered on Linux, FreeBSD and OSX.
•  Red HatDebian or Ubuntu 32/64-bit commercial and/or Open Source versions work out-of-the-box.
•  It works on OS X on an x86 machine.

Mailspect’s customer base is extremely loyal, with renewal rates near 100%.  Mailspect is not just a product; it is also a professional services offering including some of the best antivirus and antispam experts in the world.   Support and configuration via email are free and the paid real-time support staff is responsive via SKYPE and GoToMeeting.

Mailspect Defense is sold through an international partner network of distributors and value-added resellers.

Mailspect Defense is unique in its ability to combine flexibility with effectiveness in one easy-to-use platform.

The bottom line is that Mailspect Defense is faster, more accurate, more sophisticated and less hassle to administer than Open Source spam and virus filters and much more flexible than rigid, single-point email filtering appliances.


Key Features of Mailspect Defense: Manages all pre-scan, scan and post-scan email security functions, can be installed at the gateway or MTA or email server level of the network, very fast, four roles: global admin, domain admin, group admin and end user for quarantine system, control panel that integrates antivirus and antispam scanning engines such as Clamd, Spamassassin, Cloudmark, or Mailshell; works with LDAP directories, Active Directory and Google Oauth, integrated real-time blacklists like Spamhaus, Barracuda and reputation lists such as SURBL, content filters, offensive word lists, counter phishing techniques blocking NDR spammers, auto response spammers, backscatter and dictionary attackers, rate limiting by address, domain or content; end user generated (in quarantine) white and black lists, end user control of spamming scoring and actions, domain level white and black lists management, entire systems based on policies by address or domain or LDAP group, spam scoring and spam actions, complex mail routing, message tracking, logs and reports, fully integrated with Postfix, Communigate Pro, Zarafa, Qmail, Open-Xchange, works with any IMAP server or MTA or gateway, reskinnable, scalable, integrated data loss protection, email stream management scripting language and optional email archive. One platform for managing all your email requirements. Internet Service Providers, Email Provider, managed services providers, web site hosting providers all over the world use Mailspect Defense for most affordable and effective mail filtering.



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