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Mailspect Defense protects email gateways and servers from spam, viruses, phishing, fraud and Internet attacks.  It is a best-of-breed Control Panel used to configure, monitor and update a multi-layered suite of defenses.  Mailspect Defense protects your organization from the ever evolving threats on the Internet at the pre-scan, scan and post-scan phases of email processing.  Using a high-speed, scalable email filter called mppd and a state-of-the-art quarantine solution called Message Viewer, Mailspect Defense offers email security for businesses, governments, schools and Internet service providers.

Mailspect Defense puts control of dozens of email security techniques, technologies and analytics in the hands of the systems administrator.

Pre-Scan Scan Post-Scan
Real-Time IP/DNS Blacklists Anti-Virus Engine Quarantine Solution
Rate Limiting Against Thresholds,  IP Blacklists and Content Matches Anti-Spam Engine Data Loss Protection
Integrated Reputation Lists SURBL Scanner Disclaimers
LDAP-Generated and Manual Access Lists
Dictionary Attack Prevention Content Filters Message Tracking
Spamtraps Custom Spam Scoring Logs
Sender Verification Using Sender Policy Framework (SPF) NDR Spammers Statistical Reports
Whitelisting Authenticated Senders Offensive Word Lists Quarantine Email Alerts
User Generated Blacklists Auto Response Spammers Quarantine RSS Feeds
User Generated Whitelists Backscatter LDAP, Active Directory, and Oauth Authentication and Access Lists
Group or Policy-Based Filters Rules-Based Processing Automatic Whitelists

At the core of the system is a Policy Engine that lets systems administrators set up policies based on email address, content, LDAP directory groups by address or domain and email direction –incoming or outgoing emails.

For the end-user, Mailspect Defense provides an easy-to-use quarantine solution accessible via browser or email alert.  End-users can Remove, Deliver, Forward, Reply, Save to Desktop, Export, Report False Positive, Print, or Add to Whitelist or Blacklist with one mouse click.


Mailspect Defense includes a proprietary integration tool called Email Stream Manager.  It supports the integration of relationship databases, HTTP services, and LDAP directories for the purpose of organization-specific email processing, routing and tracking.


Mailspect Defense is offered in Basic and Standard Versions

  • Mailspect Basic includes all of the features and technologies developed by Mailspect.  It relies on Open Source scanning engines:  clamd and Spamassassin.
  • Mailspect Standard also includes the Cloudmark anti-spam and anti-virus scanning engine for higher throughout and accuracy.  Mailshell is provided for Mac OS X.
  • F-PROT Anti-Virus is offered as a fully integrated add-on for customers who need the most robust defense against viruses, Trojans and malware.


Mailspect Defense is offered on Linux, OS X or as a ‘Dedicated AWS Cloud Service’

  • Mailspect Defense works with Red Hat, Suse, Debian or Ubuntu 32- and 64-bit commercial and/or Open Source versions out-of-the-box.
  • Mailspect Defense works on the Apple platform under OS X on an x86 machine.
  • Mailspect Defense can be ordered as a dedicated cloud service on Amazon Web Services.

The system is so comprehensive and feature-rich that its customer base is extremely loyal, with renewal rates near 100%.   Mailspect is not just a product; it is also a professional services offering.  Support and configuration via email are free and the real-time Mailspect support staff is responsive and helpful via SKYPE and GoToMeeting.

Mailspect Defense secures the the perimeter” by blocking “blacklisted” IP addresses and attackers.  This pre-scan processing eliminates at least 67% of spam before it enters the email processing queue at the gateway or server level.

“Start your engines”. Mailspect Defense combines Open Source or commercial anti-virus and antispam engines with content filters to let the “real email” through while blocking spam, viruses and offensive content.  By stringing filters together, Mailspect Defense can solve ‘corner conditions’, i.e., special requirements of a particular industry or regulatory environment.

“Nothing compares to Hu-mans”. In post-scan, Mailspect Defense presents ‘gray’ emails in quarantine digests in the Message Viewer for end-user and administrator processing.  Quarantine choices build user-specific white and black lists that are re-used in the pre-scan front-end.

Mailspect Defense is unique in its ability to combine flexibility with effectiveness in one easy-to-use platform. It is architected for efficiency.  It lets administrators add, configure, combine and modify email filters to ensure maximum security without blocking “real” email.

The system has three components:

  • Message Filter or mppd
  • Control Panel
  • Message Viewer

The bottom line is that Mailspect Defense is faster, more accurate, more sophisticated and less hassle to administer than Open Source spam and virus filters and much more flexible than rigid, single-point email filtering appliances.

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Key Features of Mailspect Defense:  Manages all pre-scan, scan and post-scan email security functions, can be installed at the gateway or MTA or email server level of the network, very fast, certified by IBM for the Power Series or P Series, manages email at pre-queue and post-queue, four roles:  global admin, domain admin, group admin and end user for quarantine system, control panel that integrates antivirus and antispam scanning engines such as clamAV, Spamassassin, Cloudmark,F-PROT, Mailshell, Sophos, or ESET , LDAP directories, Active Directory and Google Oauth, integrated real-time blacklists like Spamhaus and reputation lists such as SURBL, content filters, offensive word lists, counter phishing techniques blocking NDR spammers, auto response spammers, backscatter and dictionary attackers, rate limiting by address, domain or content, end user generated (in quarantine) white and black lists, end user control of spamming scoring and actions, domain level white and black lists management, entire systems based on policies by address or domain or LDAP group, spam scoring and spam actions, complex mail routing, message tracking, logs and reports, fully integrated with Postfix, Communigate Pro, Zarafa, Qmail, Open-Xchange, works with any IMAP server or MTA or gateway, reskinnable, scalable, integrated data loss protection, email stream management scripting language and optional email archive.  One platform for managing all your email requirements.  Internet Network Service providers all over the world use Mailspect Defense for most affordable and effective mail filtering.  Winning over one new ISP per month.