Email Stream Management

Email is still the most important communications tool for most organizations. The email stream contains business value if it can be converted from unstructured data to information and integrated into core business systems like CRM, ERP, project management, bookkeeping / accounting solutions and help desk.

Email Stream Management is a web services scripting language invented by Mailspect to speed the development of custom solutions that extract business value from the email stream and insert it into core business systems. Match My Email is the first standardized cloud application that has Mailspect built using ESM. Match My Email integrates any IMAP server or service with’s Sales Cloud CRM application.

ESM uses pre-defined fixed and flexible programning engines and modules in a pipelined architecture to quickly build email importing, parsing, filtering, routing, modifying and exporting algorithms. The ESM engines include: File Engine, Boorex Engine, MIME Engine, Routing Engine, Content Filter, MySQL Engine, and LDAP Engine. Pilelines include: Attachment Stripping Pipeline, WBL Pipeline and Archive Pipeline. Modules include a general-purpose Postfix Policy Server module that includes MySQL-based message tracking. The scripting language includes more than 150 common macros that can be combined with the engines to create custom workflows.

ESM has been used by Mailspect’s clients to route invoices and purchase orders to accounts payable; parsing of email logs to track messages for help desks; and custom scoring of email to determine business value based on multiple variables /filters and routing of scored email to sales management for review.