Mailspect API Released

Mailspect API Released

Mailspect Email Defense has been used since 2004 by Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”) all over the world to protect their hosted email service offerings from malware. Now, Mailspect Email Defense can be integrated via its API with an ISPs user/domain management system, especially “homegrown” control panels. Integrating Mailpect Email Defense with an ISPs control panel is a significant labor saver – users and domains only need to be managed in one system, instead of two systems. API integration between Mailspect and the email system ensures that user/domain data in the email system are mirrored in Mailspect.

The Mailspect Management API handles the following functionality:

  1. Create domain
  2. Read domain
  3. Update domain
  4. Delete domain
  5. List domains
  6. Create user
  7. Read user
  8. Update user
  9. Delete user
  10. List users

Mailspect Defense comes in two versions: Basic and Standard. Basic relies on the Open Source antivirus and anti-spam engines, i.e., Clamd and Spamassassin, while Standard includes the world class Cloudmark Authority anti-virus and antispam processing engines. ISPs generally offer Basic as a low-cost entry level offering, while Standard is part of a higher priced premium offering. Mailspect Email Defense has automatically managed user and domain entitlements for many years based of its Policy Engine that authenticates to LDAP, IMAP or Active Directory.

The Mailspect Defense control panel is used by ISPs to centralized the management of external pre-scan resources like SURBL and real-time blacklists such as Spamhaus, multiple scanning engines such as Cloudmark and Clamd and post-scan resources such as custom white and black lists, offensive word lists, spam traps, configurable custom word mail routers, data loss protection features and domain-wide signatures.

Mailspect Defense is particularly popular with smaller ISPs offering hosted email security services in the cloud because of its “pay as you grow” pricing model. Mailspect is known for its excellent real-time customer service.

Mailspect Defense is constantly being upgraded to take advantage of the latest technology at the operating system, middleware and security application layers of the software stack. Mailspect is available on various Linux operating system variants.

To test Mailspect Defense, please contact to schedule a demo and free trial setup.


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