Antivirus and Antispam Integration with Postfix

Another Customer Has Selected Mailspect Defense for its Integration with Postfix

Mailspect Defense is a multilayered suite of email security resources, including anti spam and antivirus engines. Mailspect Defense has featured seamless integration with Postfix for years.

Mailspect provides a built-in Policy Server that communicates with Postfix. Thus routing decisions can be applied before the full email is scanned during a SMTP connection. These pre-scan/queue actions can implement white lists, blacklists, real-time blackhole lists, sender policy framework (SPF), rate limiting thresholds, skip anti-spam scanning for SMTP authenticated users,and spamtraps. The techniques typically block 70%+ of all spam and viruses before they enter the email server, and thus save computer and network resources and speed the delivery of legitimate email.

Mailspect policies / groups are defined by membership – typically by email address and/or email domain along with direction — and contain settings / actions to be applied when processing a message with an envelope sender or recipient(s) matching group membership. Additionally, Mailspect could use LDAP or its own Content Inspection engine to select a Mailspect policy / group used to process a message.

Different Email Security Regiments for Different User Groups

By integrating seamless with the Postfix Policy Server, Mailspect can manage different mail filtering regiments for different groups of users in the same Postfix implementation. Based on Postfix policy groups, Mailspect can assign different email security resources to different user groups. Below is a list of resources that Mailspect Defense can manage based on Postfix policy groups.

(1) Antivirus scanning engines
(2) Anti-spam scanning engines
(3) Antispam treatment
(4) Anti virus treatment
(5) Content filters
(6) SURBL engine
(7) Access Control Lists
(8) Admin-generated blacklists
(9) Admin-generated white lists
(10) Rate limiting thresholds
(11) Real-time black lists
(12) Greylisting
(13) LDAP authentication
(14) Active directory authentication
(15) Quarantine actions
(16) Quarantine alerts
(17) Custom spam scoring
(18) Spamtraps
(19) Email routing
(20) Attachment stripping
(21) Attachment blocking
(22) Offensive Word Lists

Mailspect Defense includes three modules: a Unix daemon named mppd, a Control Panel and a Message Viewer module for the quarantine digest. The Control Panel is designed for email administrators at enterprises, managed service providers, educational institutions and governments who work with Linux and Open Source middleware. The mppd daemon integrates directly with Postfix. Message Viewer authentication can be integrated with an IMAP server or LDAP directory used as virtual domain/user container for Postfix. Thus an end user is permitted to view his or her individual spam quarantine and/or archive digest after login with his or her regular email address and email password into the Message Viewer.

Mailspect Defense features (1) one click installation of Open Source and commercial antivirus and antispam engines; (2) automatic updating of virus signatures and scripts; (3) automated updating of the Linux operating system and middleware stack; and (4) monitoring and reporting tools. Mailspect works with any combination of Clamd, Spamassassin, Cloudmark, F-PROT, Mailshell and Sophos. Mailspect runs on Linux distributions such as Ubuntu (recommended), Debian, CentOS, and Red Hat Enterprise as well as Apple OS X.


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