Centralize Gmail Mailboxes with Mailspect Archive

Easily and safely consolidate individual Gmail mailboxes into a single Mailspect Archive for email retention and retrieval purposes.

Responding to the overwhelming success of Gmail and Google Apps, Mailspect has released a new suite of tools that enables enterprises to create centralized repositories of disparate Gmail mailboxes for retention and cross-account search / retrieval purposes. Accordingly to USA Today (April 2008) Google had 91.6 million users, ranking it third behind Microsoft and Yahoo.

“Gmail is truly a terrific email product, but its free email archival and retention features are geared towards individual mailboxes and cannot consolidate multiple mailboxes into a single enterprise archive. For enterprises worldwide, this is a serious issue because governments are imposing stringent email retention and retrieval regulations that can only be met using ultra-fast centralized archives,” said Michael Katz, CEO, Mailspect.

With Mailspect Archive, it is now simple and easy to import Gmail via IMAP and create an efficient single instance mail store. All you need is the Gmail server host (imap.gmail.com), connection type and port, and your GMail username and password. Within Mailspect, you can navigate through your Gmail emails as usual; you can also see the folder structure of your Gmail inbox and from there, you can import and archive exactly the folders and/or emails that you need from a specified time period. Once archived, all of Mailspect Archive’s tamper-proof, access control, contextual routing and automatic purge features are available.

Upon imported into Mailspect Archive, your Gmail store is fully indexed for ultra-fast text search and retrieval. In addition, it can be reduced in size by up to 80% due to email and attachment de-duping as well as attachment stripping. For compliance purposes, cross-account queries based on sender, receiver, domain, content, time period and attachment can be performed. For ease of use, old auditor queries and templates can be saved for reference and reuse. Because emails are stored so that they are tamper-proof, they can be used as evidence in legal disputes and trials.


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