F-PROT Antivirus Software Integrated Into Mailspect Defense

Mailspect Defense Embeds F-PROT Antivirus Plug-In Into Its Control Panel

Tarrytown, New York, August 15, 2011 – RAE Internet Inc., the developer of the Mailspect Defense, announced the release of a new version its email security software today. The new release fully integrates F-PROT Anti-virus ‘Fire & Ice’ into Mailspect Defense and its Control Panel. The Control Panel is designed for email administrators at enterprises, managed service providers, educational institutions and governments. It controls and cleans the email stream at the gateway or mail server levels during the pre-scan or queue, scan, and post-scan or queue phases. Previously, Mailspect Defense offered (1) one click installation, (2) automatic updating of virus signatures and (3) analytics for the Clamd, ESET and Sophos computer virus scanning engines. Now, Mailspect has expanded its offering to include the F-PROT Antivirus engine on Linux, Unix and OS X.

“We added F-PROT ‘Fire & Ice’ because it is a good deal for our ISP, education, government and enterprise customers. It is priced substantially below other vendors and offers comparable performance levels as evidence by its many VB100 certifications. Plus we have more and more customers who are on the OS X operating system, and they need world class antivirus protection.”, said Paul L. Sterne, President, RAE Internet Inc., dba Mailspect and Match My Email.

“F-PROT is an efficient and effective antivirus scanner with state-of-the-art near-real time micro-updating and comprehensive logging and analytics,” said Serhiy Fyrin, Head of Development, Mailspect. “Combined with Mailspect’s many features such as Quarantine and our comprehensive suite of pre- and post-scan defense tools, Mailspect with F-PROT offers world class technology at a fraction of the price of competitors such a Kasperky, Sophos, ESET, McAfee and Norton Symantec.”

“Our relationship with Frisk Software International, the developer of F-PROT in Iceland, is tight. We have direct access to their lead developers and can escalate issues involving new viruses or Trojans quickly for our customers,” said Ovidiu Bivolaru, Head of Support, Mailspect.

Virus Bulletin is the leading publication dedicated to computer security. Virus Bulletin carries out independent testing of anti-virus products. Its unique VB100 certification is widely recognized within the industry. Unlike other certification schemes, Virus Bulletin tests all products free of charge and does not allow re-testing.

About RAE Internet www.raeinternet.com
RAE Internet, Inc., headquartered in Tarrytown, N.Y., is the developer of Mailspect Defense and  Archive. The Mailspect platform is used by email administrators at enterprises, managed service providers, ISP’s, email service providers, schools and governments to protect and extract value from the email stream at either the gateway or mail server level. Mailspect Defense integrates with the leading antivirus and antispam engines (i.e., Clamd, Cloudmark, ESET, F-PROT, Mailshell, Sophos and Spamassassin) as well as provides a comprehensive suite of email protection, cleaning and management features.

Contact Info: Simon Duncan, info (a) raeinternet.com

About FRISK Software International www.f-prot.com
FRISK Software International, established in 1993, is one of the world’s leading companies in antivirus research and product development. FRISK Software produces the hugely popular F-PROT Antivirus products range offering unrivalled heuristic detection capabilities. By supporting a wide range of operating systems — Windows, Unix, and Linux — FRISK Software protects computers, file servers and mail servers of all sizes, running on diverse platforms.


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