Mailspect Announces New Tools for Email Data Loss Prevention

With all of the attention on Data Loss Prevention (DLP), controlling the flow of intellectual property in email has never been more important than it is today. In light of the demands of DLP for email, Mailspect is pleased to announce beta of a new email content filtering module that offers extremely scalable, per-destination content rules. Mailspect’s new content filter module stores rules that can be dynamically applied to senders, recipients or pairs of addresses. Mailspect’s dynamic content rules scales to hundreds of thousands of users and includes a complete quarantine management system where filters can be managed and messages reviewed. Mailspect filters apply to email headers, bodies, attachments name and content and mime name or type making our solution the most flexible contextual processing system for email.

Use Mailspect’s new contextual email processing tools to manage the flow of information into and out of your organization as part of an overall DLP strategy. Mailspect’s unique ability to track, control, and surveil, at service provider and large enterprise scale give us a unique position in the email market. Our solution for email content filtering is server agnostic and works with any email input. Use Mailspect to quarantine attachments to specific recipients, block the sending of certain email to certain recipients, etc. The possibilities are limitless with Mailspect’s new email content filtering. Combine these abilities with the ability to brand our quarantine interface on a per-domain basis and selectively enable/disable services and Mailspect Defense is the antispam for service providers looking to compete against Google and Postini by adding value with features Google can’t match.


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