Mailspect as a Service – Localization

Mailspect Offers Translation and Rebranding Features to Local ISP’s

Mailspect Defense is a multilayered suite of email security resources, including anti spam and antivirus engines. Mailspect Defense has been used for years by Internet Service Providers to provide Mail Filtering services in the cloud. Most Mailspect ISP customers use the Standard Edition of Mailspect Defense which includes Cloudmark anti spam and F-PROT antivirus.

At the core of Mailspect’s software-as-a-service platform is a segregated translation and rebranding level of the application code. ISP’s and managed service providers use centralized and separate text, logo and color palette files to offer local language, private label Mail Filters that protect against computer viruses, spam, malware and Trojans. Words related to commands, dropdown menus and tooltips are centralized and segregated in a separate module that facilitates easy identification of the words that need to be translated and replaced with native language.

After working through the translation files, Mailspect includes a tool that presents all the translated text side-by-side with the English default text so that the local ISP can verify that all the key words have been changed.

Mailspect also includes re-branding or re-skinning tools that enable an email service provider to provide private label mail filter services. These tools enable the removed of Mailspect branding and color schemes from the sign-in process and graphical user interface and their replacement with proprietary logos and color palettes.

A technical description of this tools are include on our wiki at:

In many ways, Mailspect’s business model or go-to-market strategy is the most important element of its local ISP offerings. Mailspect prefers to work through exclusive distributors / service providers in a linguist region and provide that trusted partner with a monopoly in that market. This enables the service partner to make the investment in the translation of the software and the creation of a local language clone of the Mailspect web site to attract customers and affiliate resellers. Our local partners control pricing, within certain parameters, in their local market so as to maximize revenue for all parties. Exclusive partners are also offered the opportunity to make an equity investment in Mailspect’s parent, RAE Internet Inc. Currently, Mailspect has ISP’s providing private label mail filtering services in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Poland, Hungary, and Denmark.


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