Mailspect Defense Standard Edition Updated With New Cloudmark Authority Cartridge

Mailspect Defense is an email security platform that manages multi-layered email defenses.  The Standard Edition of Mailspect Defense includes the commercial anti-virus and anti-spam processing engines from Cloudmark Authority.  Cloudmark Authority offers state-of-the-art anti-virus and anti-spam protection.  Enterprises and internet service providers choose the Mailspect Defense control panel for its centralized managed of external pre-scan resources like SURBL and real-time blacklist such as Spamhaus, integrated scanning engines such as Cloudmark and Mailshell and post-scan resources such as offensive word lists, spam traps, configurable custom word mail routers and data loss protection features.

Mailspect Defense is particularly popular with small ISP’s offering hosted email security services in the cloud because it is scalable and priced to fit into their business models.  Mailspect is known for its excellent real-time customer service.

Mailspect Defense is constantly being upgraded to take advantage of the latest technology at the operating system, middleware and security application layers of the software stack.  Mailspect is available on Linux and Apple operating systems.

Today, Mailspect released a new version of its email security platform that includes the new Cloudmark Authority cartridge version 3052.1.1.25 . This is available for download using our latest Cloudmark update script:  (Mailspect Standard users who have activated Cloudmark Authority should update this script).

Please follow these steps to update:

wget -c

cp -f /usr/local/MPP/scripts

chmod 755 /usr/local/MPP/scripts/

cd /usr/local/MPP

./mppd -s




Cloudmark 3052 Changelog


1) Enhanced Accuracy

• New fingerprinting meta engine enhances accuracy by reviewing the

output of other fingerprint engines in conjunction with message attributes

• Enhanced handling of HTML messages

• Enhanced landing URL identification


2) Obfuscation Resiliency

• MIME part scanning improvements

• Improved handling of attacks using large messages

• Enhanced message preprocessing


3) Proxy Support Improvements

• Added ability to disable intermediate proxy caching of micro-updates


Note: Cartridge 3052 update is available for Mailspect / Cloudmark users

on Linux 32-bit / 64-bit.


To test Mailspect Defense, please contact sales@mailspect,com to schedule a demo and free trial setup.


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