Mailspect Integrates Cloudmark Antivirus Module

Mailspect Defense has released a new version that incorporates the antivirus module from Cloudmark. Since 2003, Mailspect Defense has included the Cloudmark antispam engine as a premium plug-in. Most Mailspect Defense customers use Cloudmark for antispam protection.

Cloudmark is known for having a world class antispam scanner that produces virtually ‘No False Positives”. False positive are particularly annoying to users and security administrators alike and cause customer dissatisfaction. Open Source scanners like Spamassassin, unfortunately, produce too many false positives which turns off enterprise and ISP users that requires near 100% antispam accuracy.

Cloudmark’s antivirus module is based on the same world class technology as its spam filters.

Cloudmark’s patented solutions combine Advanced Message Fingerprinting technology based on innovative, highly efficient algorithms, a Global Threat Network consisting of trusted reporters across the globe, real-time, automated analysis of traffic and content patterns, along with security research expertise, to provide real-time security intelligence and filtering across carrier networks. Cloudmark solutions protect more than 1.6 billion subscribers for the world’s largest networks.

This carrier-grade technology is now available through Mailspect Defense to smaller ISP’s and small and medium businesses using Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Open-Xchange, Zimbra, Postifix, Communigate and Zarafa.

Mailspect Defense has three technology components: a Mail Filter, a Control Panel and a Message Viewer. The mail filter incorporates pre-queue and post-queue email scanning technologies that protect against email virus and spam as well as Internet attacks like denial of service. The Control Panel enables the system administrator to create and manage policy groups with specific security requirements and content filters. The Message Viewer is a sophisticated quarantine solutions that also incorporates email stream management capabilities like Disclaimers, Reports and Data Loss Protection.


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