Mailspect Joins Forces with Gen8 Solutions to Extend Archive Import

Gen8 Solutions’ Emailchemy and Harvester technologies vastly extend and improve the email import capabilities of MPP Archive’s MPP Green architecture.

Mailspect Inc. is pleased to announce a new partnership with Gen8 Solutions, the creator of the Emailchemy and Harvester email import and migration technologies to better support legacy email formats such as PST files. With this partnership, Mailspect is extending the benefits of the MPP Green architecture to unify email stores of virtually all varieties into web accessible, searchable and optimized archives. MPP Green can now unify email formats like Microsoft’s PST, and many other proprietary and outdated formats.

MPP Archive offers a comprehensive email archive solution that is ideally suited for environments that have strict archive and discovery requirements but want an open and cost-effective Linux based solution. MPP archives, indexes and optimizes real-time email streams from MS Exchange and popular MS Exchange replacements like Zimbra, Zarafa, Scalix, Open-Xchange and others. With the recently announced MPP Green architecture, MPP Archive intelligently imports proprietary and standards-based mail stores such as IMAP and GMAIL and provides efficient single instance storage and cross-mailbox searching. It de-dupes emails, strips duplicative attachments, scans based on content inspection rules as well as cleanses and purges long-dated emails. MPP Green converts fragmented mail stores to indexed, full-text searchable, centralized archives. As such, MPP Archive can serve as the basis for email lifecycle management.

Using the Harvester option, MPP Green can automatically find and import private PST folders stored on end-user desktop and laptop disk drives. These capacities will enable mail administrators to centralize disparate mail stores into a single, searchable email archive. Aggregating email stores improves compliance with corporate and government email retention and retrieval rules and regulations.

In addition, the new MPP Green extensions can import email from all of the following email servers: AOL for Windows (“PFC” files), Claris Emailer for Macintosh, CompuServe Classic for Macintosh (aka “MacCIM”), CompuServe 2000 for Windows, Entourage (Database, .RGE Archives and cache files), Eudora, Mac OS X Mail, Mozilla, Mulberry, Musashi, Neoplanet, Netscape, Opera, Outlook for Windows (.PST and .OST files), Outlook Express for Macintosh, Outlook Express for Windows, Outlook Express for UNIX/Solaris, PowerTalk/AOCE for Macintosh, QuickMail Pro for Macintosh, QuickMail Pro for Windows, Thunderbird, Yahoo! Mail and any UNIX-style or mbox-format mailbox.

About Mailspect
Mailspect, Inc. based in New Rochelle, New York, is the developer of the Message Processing Platform or MPP. MPP offers clients a comprehensive and integrated suite used for email archiving, compliance and quarantine, complete with spam filters, email policy management, email import and email retention solutions. MPP integrates with leading anti spam and antivirus products and currently is installed in client mail systems that process billions of emails per day.

Contact Info: Paul Sterne, Chief Marketing Officer,

About Gen8 Solutions
Michigan-based, Gen8 Solutions was formed in partnership with Weird Kid Software in 2007 to provide technology to the enterprise market segment. Weird Kid Software has been marketing email conversion technology to the consumer market since 2002. Since its inception, Weird Kid Software has sold and supported its products to tens of thousands of clients worldwide.

Contact Info: Phil Okun,, +1 248.918.9792

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