Mailspect MPP Adopts Sphinx Index Engine

Leading Email Archiving Solution Adopts Sphinx, a free Open Source SQL Indexing Engine Offering Scalable Archive Search and Fast Retrieval.

After thorough testing of the leading Open Source index engines, Mailspect Inc. has selected Sphinx as the search and retrieval engine for MPP, the Message Processing Platform. Sphinx is an Open Source project founded and maintained by Andrew Aksyonoff of Voronezh, Russia. It was designed from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with SQL databases and scripting languages. In addition, the Sphinx project is obsessed with performance in terms of speed and CPU density. According to the Sphinx website, it can handle email stores of up to 100 million documents on a single CPU, can index incoming content at the rate of 10MB per second and offers very, very fast query retrieval times. The scalability and speed of the product are evidenced by its adoption by leading service providers like Craigslist, an affiliate of Yahoo! Jeremy Zawodny, a software engineer at Craigslist, has written an excellent article about Sphinx in Linux Magazine, in which he states that Sphinx removed the ‘invisible glass ceiling’ in MySQL’s full-text indexing performance.

The index engine is a key middleware component of any email archive application like MPP Archive. Index engines convert text and information into numerical patterns that can be quickly searched and retrieved by computers. Combined with Boolean logic, a well architected index engines is the key to fast email archiving, query and sophisticated search strategies.

“We chose Sphinx because it scaled and email archives can grow over time into huge repositories of data,” said Ovidiu Bivolaru, Chief MPP Engineer. “Customer feedback about the technology has been outstanding.”

MPP adds Sphinx to the long list of Open Source technology components that serve as building blocks or plug-ins in its technical architecture: Postfix created by the legendary IBM Watson Research Lab in New York; MySQL, the brainchild of two Swedes and a Finn: David Axmark, Allan Larsson and Michael “Monty” Widenius; MySQL is a subsidiary of Sun Microsystems soon to be part of Oracle; Spamassassin created by Justin Mason, who lives in Ireland; ClamAV, a project headed by Tomasz Kojm of Poland and SURBL created by Jeff Chan.

MPP stands for ‘Message Processing Platform’. MPP is based on Email Stream Management (ESM) technology. ESM recognizes that email and its attachments is the most important data stream of every organization and individual. Worldwide, it is estimated by Radicati Group Inc., that there are 2.5 billon email accounts; 42% of the world’s population relies on email for information and collaboration. ESM is the technology that unlocks the potential of email by (1) protecting it from external threats like computer malware, viruses, spam, phishing, fraudsters and denial of service attacks, (2) associating it with core business systems and processing it using business logic; and (3) archiving it for retrieval in compliance with government regulations and legal discovery rules. ESM enables enterprises to bridge the schism between data embedded in email and data silo’ed in core business systems like CRM, CSM, BI, SCM, CM, ERP and DM.

About Mailspect
Mailspect, Inc. headquartered in New Rochelle, New York and a growing world network of distributors and resellers, is the developer of the revolutionary technology, Email Stream Management (ESM). ESM is the technical basis of the awarding winning Message Processing Platform or MPP. MPP offers clients a comprehensive and integrated suite of products that (1) protects the email stream from malware and Internet attacks, MPP Defense; (2) associates email and its attachments with core business systems and process the email stream based on business logic, MPP Email Stream Manager; and (3) archive the email stream in compliance with government regulations and legal discovery rules, MPP Archive. MPP currently is installed in client mail systems that process billions of emails per day.

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