Mailspect Version 5 Available for General Release

After an 18 month testing period we are pleased to announce that Mailspect version 5 is now generally available. This is by far our most powerful release ever and it is perhaps the most powerful piece of email processing software that is generally available. At the core of Mailspect 5 is our ESM (Email Stream Management) contextual processing engine. ESM enables incredible control of how email is processed. The first step in ESM processing is classification, which can be done based on email content, sender/recipient, header content or directories such as Active Directory, Zimbra GAL or OpenLDAP. Once email is classified into streams ESM has powerful engines that can be applied to the streams. The http engine can query any SOAP or Restful interface using content from the email or over 100 macros generated from the email. Mailspect 5 can make email processing decisions or store email or metadata using any web services applications. The MySQL engine can use content or any email macro with a database query or store the email or metadata from the email in any database. The file engine can save any part of an email, perform checksums, dupe comparisons and much more. The MIME engine can create, strip or modify mime parts. The Boorex engine performs highly optimized content analysis of email using regular expressions. All of the engines are highly customizable and can be chained with custom workflows based on query responses or message characteristics.

Some of the other cool things in Mailspect 5 is the ability to dynamically assign content rules based on the flow of the communication. For example all email from one domain can’t contain certain attachments and they should be quarantined, while email from or to other locations can have content restrictions such as restricting the flow of confidential information. Even more impressively, these dynamic content filters can be used as email classifiers and Mailspect can store the classification of email along with the email for fast access to email about important topics.

In short, Mailspect 5 is a revolutionary email product that brings contextual email processing to a whole new level.

Along with these new amazing capabilities come more mundane features such as easier installation with full support of APT, YUM and improved AWS and system installers as well as 64 bit support. Visit us at for more details.


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