Mailspect Archive Complies with ‘Ten Golden Rules of Archiving’

The German IT trade journal, c’t magazin fuer Computer und Technik, published an article in its June 2009 issue entitled “The Ten Golden Rules of Email Archiving”. These guidelines were compiled by the German Association for Organizational and Information Systems to help enterprises implement legally compliant archival systems. Email archiving is now a legal requirement that all German companies must implement in order to comply with regulations promulgated by the German Tax Authority, among other government agencies. In addition, email has recently been elevated to discoverable evidence in disputes and judicial processes if it can be proven that the email was stored in a tamper-proof repository and could not be altered by the end user.

The ‘Ten Golden Rule of Archiving” [Zehn Goldene Regeln in German] are:
1. Each document must be securely stored in accordance with legal and organizational requirements.
2. No email may get lost either on the way to the archive and in the archive itself.
3. Each email must be archived at the earliest possible moment from an organizational standpoint.
4. Each email must be an exact replica of the original email and be archived in exactly the same form.
5. Each email must be accessible to only the original receiver or sender.
6. Each email must be retrievable within a reasonable period of time.
7. Each email must be purged from the archive as soon as possible at the end of its retention period.
8. Every other action concerning the operation of an email archive must be governed by rules that are clearly documented.
9. The entire organizational and technical construct of the archive must be auditable by a third party at any time.
10. Every migration or change in the archive must conform with all the proceeding rules before it shall be undertaken.

“Mailspect has worked with experts in global email archiving regulations to develop a product that complies with these many requirements out-of-the-box. Mailspect Archive allows C-level executive to be certain that their regulatory and legal discovery exposure related to email retention is minimized, “ said Michael Katz, Founder and CEO, RAE Internet, Inc., the developer of Mailspect Defense.

Mailspect is based on Email Stream Management (ESM) technology. Email stream management recognizes that email and its embedded data is the most important data stream of every organization and individual. Worldwide, it is estimated by Radicati Group Inc., that there are 2.5 billon email accounts; 42% of the world’s population relies on email for information and collaboration. ESM is the technology that unlocks the potential of email by (1) protecting it from external threats like computer malware, viruses, spam, phishing, fraudsters and denial of service attacks, (2) associating it with core business systems and processing it using business logic; and (3) archiving it for retrieval in compliance with government regulations and legal discovery rules. ESM enables enterprises to bridge the schism between data embedded in email and data silo’ed in core business systems like CRM, CSM, BI, SCM, CM, ERP and DM.



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