Mailspect for CommuniGate Pro

Mailspect is an essential tool for keeping CommuniGate Pro users free from the alarming
rise of spam, image spam, viruses, and phishing. Mailspect provides many advantages over
standard CGP plug-ins for the high-accuracy high-capacity needs of service providers.
These include:

  • Greater scalability
  • Less bandwidth required
  • The ability to control virus and spam settings from a single easy-to-use
  • Cut costs by allowing end-users and domain admins to manage their own spam settings and
  • The crucial capacity to adapt and defend against the growing criminalization
    of spam
  • Real-time support from Mailspect highly capable team of global support engineers

Mailspect utilizes a powerful policy engine that allows you to assign different service configurations and scanners to different groups of users without wasting your valuable time decoding CGP’s arcane rules. Also, policy membership is stored in your LDAP subscriber directory which enables the quick and easy provisioning of new services.

Our Control Panel provides comprehensive management including centralized spam and virus quarantine management, log monitoring, configuration of all options and much more.

Mailspect vs. CommuniGate Pro Plug-in Comparison

Feature Mailspect CGP
Directory Integrated Policy Engine Yes No
Unified GUI Manager for all Scanners Yes No
Virus Sccanners F-PROT, Sophos, Clamd, ESET McAfee, Sophos, KAV
Spam Scanners Mailshell, Cloudmark, SpamAssassin MailShell, Cloudmark
Multiple Spam Thresholds Per Scanner Yes No
Integrated WBL processing Yes No
Email Archive with full text search Yes No
Unified Logging Yes No
Ability to mix and match commercial and open source scanners Yes No
Multi-threaded Processing Engine Yes No, simple perl scripts
End-User Quarantine Management Yes No
Use same license on Email Gateway Yes No
Attachment Management Yes No


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