Mailspect Postfix Policy Server

Our integrated Postfix policy server allows Mailspect to make pre-queue decisions on email handling. Mailspect can immediately disconnect hosts that are violating your policies thus saving you bandwidth and resources.

Mailspect includes the only integrated pre and post-queue filter for Postfix since we include both a Postfix Policy Server and a content filter. Both elements have an integrated configuration and communicate with each other to intelligently decide if a message should be processed before or after it is queued.

The following features are handled by the Policy Server.

Manual Blacklists
Email is rejected before if it is queued. Whether SMTP hosts are being blacklisted or email addresses MPP will immediately disconnect offending senders.

Automatic Blacklists
Mailspect has the unique ability to automatically black list hosts that violate your thresholds for message sending rates, spam rates, bad address attempts or content violations. MPP issues an immediate disconnect to hosts that violate your connection policies.

Address Verification with Auto Black List Abilities
Mailspect will query your address directory to verify the validity of addresses. Of course Postfix offers this but Mailspect goes beyond by offering per-domain configuration, flexible address storage and the ability to automatically block hosts that repeatedly send to unknown addresses.

Rate Limiting
Mailspect can issue defers to hosts that violate your policies thus rate limiting hosts.

Our policy server offers SQL based greylisting. Since Mailspect stores host entries in an SQL database multiple Mailspect front-ends can share the same greylist database.

Real Time Black Hole Lists
The policy server will perform RBL checks before a message is queued.


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