Offensive Words List Available from Mailspect

Mailspect announced the availability of an English languge offensive work list that is provided to its customers for use with a spam filter. This offensive word list includes hundreds of thousands of permutations of sexually explicit language. Mailspect compiled this bad words list based on seven years of close cooperation with its customers. The list is available for free with Mailspect Defense, a leading anti spam  and antivirus solution targeted at Apple Xserve, Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD as well as Open Source Mail Transfer Agents like Postfix and Qmail. Internet Service Providers, who provide ISP, email hosting and website hosting services, as well as SMB and SME enterprises like schools, universities, research institutes, local government and small businesses use the Offensive Language List to protect their users from pornography. Institutions that are under severe public scrutiny use this bad words list as an extra layer of protection.

“Protecting minors from online predators and spammers is important mission for Mailspect,” says Michael Katz, CEO. “The Offensive Language List is an incredibly effect tool that plugs the holes in dynamic spam filters. We need the help of community to make this defense system as impregnable as possible.”

Mailspect Version 5 supports the Open Source MTA’s Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail and Exim. Other Open Source projects supported include MySQL, OpenLDAP, ClamD , SpamAssassin, Spinix and others. Mailspect Version 5runs under Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and on Xserve. Mailspect Version 5 is available as software.  It works with Zimbra, Open-Xchange, Scalix, Zarafa, Communigate Pro, Microsoft Exchnage, and Lotus Notes.

About Mailspect                                                                                                 

Mailspect, Inc. is headquartered in Tarrytown, New York with operations in Romania and the Ukraine and sells indirectly through a worldwide network of distributors and resellers.  Email Stream Management is the technical basis of its award winning Open Source and Open Standards-based Mailspect Platform.  Mailspect Version 5 protects the email stream from malware and Internet attacks, Mailspect Defense (including Quarantine Review); integrates email and its attachments with core web services applications like CRM, Match My Email; and archives the email stream in compliance with government regulations and legal discovery rules, Mailspect Archive.  Mailspect currently is installed in client mail systems, at Independent Service Providers  and in the Cloud and processes billions of emails per day.  RAE Internet Inc. is the US distributor of F-Prot anti-virus;

MPP Defense and Archive are available to Federal Government and California State agencies through Aglow Technologies, Orange, California,


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