Paul Sterne Elected President of Mailspect and RAE Internet Inc.

Mailspect/RAE Internet Executive Team and Board Realigned to Meet Email Stream Management Market Opportunity. 

Tarrytown, New York.  November 8, 2010.  The Board of Directors of RAE Internet Inc. (dba Mailspect) elected Paul L. Sterne as its President and Michael Katz as its non-executive Chairman of the Board.  In addition, Colm Dalton and Paul Gilbert were re-elected to RAE Internet Inc.’s Board at its Annual Meeting on Friday, November 5, 2010.

Mr. Sterne has worked with Mailspect since 2009 as a consultant.  He supported the re-branding of the company and the extension of its product line into email stream management.  Mr. Sterne also helped focus the company’s sales strategy on indirect channels and strengthened its international partner program.  Most of Mailspect’s revenue is now generated through its partner network.

Mr. Katz continues to be the majority owner of RAE Internet Inc.  He will continue to advise the company on its strategy and technical direction as Chairman of its Board.   Mailspect will continue to focus on Open Source and Open Standards technologies that offer customers superior value at a lower total cost of ownership.  Its products cover the entire continuum of email stream management.

  • Mailspect Defense that protects the email stream from external threats like anti-virus and anti-spam.
  • Mailspect Quarantine or QReview that captures and routes questionable inbound and outbound email for end-user release or rejection.
  • Mailspect Connect that matches and sorts email content and associates it with other web services applications like
  • Mailspect Archive which securely stores email for regulatory compliance purposes.   

Mailspect offers hundreds of email stream management capabilities that have been developed over the past five years in response to customer and partner requirements and released Version 5 of its product line this summer.   Mailspect Version 5 automatically configures and updates plug-ins from proprietary vendors such as Cloudmark (Linux) and Mailshell (Apple) for anti-spam.


About Mailspect                                                                                                 

Mailspect, Inc. is headquartered in Tarrytown, New York with operations in Romania and the Ukraine and sells indirectly through a worldwide network of distributors and resellers.  Email Stream Management is the technical basis of its award winning Open Source and Open Standards-based Mailspect Platform.  Mailspect Version 5protects the email stream from malware and Internet attacks, Mailspect Defense (including Quarantine Review); integrates email and its attachments with core web services applications like CRM, Mailspect Connect; and archives the email stream in compliance with government regulations and legal discovery rules, Mailspect Archive.  Mailspect currently is installed in client mail systems, at Independent Service Providers  and in the Cloud and processes billions of emails per day.  RAE Internet Inc. is the US distributor of F-Prot anti-virus;

MPP Defense and Archive are available to Federal Government and California State agencies through Aglow Technologies, Orange, California,, under GSA FSS Contract# GS-35F-0460T and California State CMAS Contract# 3-08-70-2572A, respectively.

Contact Info:  Paul Sterne, President , sterne [a]


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