Policy Engine

At the heart of Mailspect Defense is a Policy Engine. The ‘default’ policy relates to system-wide services, connections, settings, templates and access to resources. A new policy is a group of users, email addresses or domains that is given its own profile of services, connnections, settings, templates and access to resources. Everything that can be configured, monitored and updated for the ‘default’ system can be configured, monitored and updated for a policy. A policy can be as small as one email address or as large as an enterprise LDAP or Active Directory.

The Policy Engine is a useful tool for Internet Service Providers or large email service centers at schools, governments and businesses. Each department or client can be managed as a policy. This allows different groups to use different content filters, reputation lists, white and black lists, access control lists, disclaimers and antivirus and antispam scanning engines.

For example, students can be restricted from receiving video files as attachments and protected by offensive word lists, while teachers and staff can be exempt from such restrictions. For ISP’s, all clients can have access to free Open Source scanning engines and reputation lists, while premium clients can enjoy the extra security of Cloudmark and F-PROT and paid reputation lists.