Mailspect Defense provides a state-of-the-art email quarantine solution that lets end-users and systems administrators manage “grey” email, i.e., emails the mail filter can’t determine if they are spam, infected by a virus or ‘clean’.  Quarantined emails are presented to end-users via a browser or email alert or RSS feed to a public folder.

Via web browser, quarantined email is organized in a mail digest called the Message Viewer.  This interface puts end-user commands on a single Action Ribbon that eliminates the need for training.

End-users can act upon the emails in the quarantine using one-click button commands to: Remove, Deliver, Forward, Reply, Save to desktop, Export, Report False Positive, Print, Add to Whitelist or Add to Blacklist. The buttons are self-explanatory and easy-to use and enable black and white listing of email addresses with a single click.

The Action Ribbon is also included inside the actual email if the end-user opens the email for closer inspection.

Since most end-users will not regularly log into their Message Viewer and work on their quarantined email, all ‘grey’ emails are send by email alerts and/or RSS feeds for end-user review and release.


Quarantine includes four roles or levels:  system administrator, domain administator, group administrator and end-user.  Administrators have access the quarantine back-end for all of the users in their jurisdiction.

For a full description of the capabilities of the quarantine solution, please refer to the Mailspect wiki.