Mailspect: 15 Years of Robust Email Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus

Mailspect Defense is celebrating its 15th anniversary this summer. Fifteen years ago, our founder and visionary, Michael Katz, conceived of an Open Source email defense platform based on Ubuntu Linux and Open Source middleware such as MySQL, Apache, Clamd and Spamassassin. Working with some of the most creative software developers in the world, Mike built a Linux-based message processing platform that is the foundation of the products, Mailspect Defense and Mailspect Archive. His idea was to provide a low cost, Open Source mail filtering cloud app that would be easy to use, very efficient and super robust. Its modular parallel-processing architecture allowed the Mailspect developers to add functionality components based on customer requirements. Over the years, Mailspect Defense added 35 functionality components and interfaces to proprietary anti-spam engines like Cloudmark and real-time black listing services like Spamhaus. Mailspect’s developers are available for a wide range of customization projects.

Mailspect customers have come to expect the leading edge functionality of Mailspect Defense at a fraction of the price of other anti-virus / anti-spam filters. The end-user interface of Mailspect is simple and easy to use. Users can manage their email quarantine with a few clicks.

The support of Mailspect Defense is legendary. Ovidiu Bivolaru has been leading the Support Department for fifteen years. He knows every aspect of the Mailspect Platform and is available in person via GoToMeeting with a few hours notice.

If you are looking for a Linux-based email filtering software or service that is super price effective and super high performance, request a 60 day free trial of the software by contacting


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